German Rusties at the NYAS
Neil Young Camp 1998 (Part 4
nyas_bl2.gif (1297 Byte)

Here are some more fine pics taken by Steffen Rex

It's so hard to be a Rustie. So why should we laugh?
Nobby, Claudia, Peter, Bettina, Detlev, Hartmut
?? (looking at the banner), Jürgen, Christian, his grilfriend, Andrea
group playing
Nobby, Peter, Detlev, Hartmut, Juergen,
2 x ?? at the back (Looking at the banner)
uli and nobby
Uli, Nobby
The Hardcoremotherfuckers (incomplete) with a gentle drummer from
Leipzig, who walked by when they started, picked his sticks, drank
a coffe and played
The Hardcoremotherfuckers (incomplete)  . . . .
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If you're interested in some more information about the banner please go to the Ordinary People Banner's Europe Tour or to the  Larry Cragg signed the Ordinary People Banner Page ( Bridge Benefits 1997 in Mountain View, Ca.) .

Need to know who the  The HardCoreMotherfuckers  are? No problem, visit their homepage.

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